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Are You Needing an Energy Boost?

The first step to improving your energy is recognising that your energy levels aren’t what you’d like them to be and deciding that you want to have more of a spring in your step.

Why are your energy levels down? Well, there’s about as many reasons are there are strange town names in this country, however we’ll cover off some of the main culprits:

1) Stress levels – stress and anxiety not only put added pressures on our adrenal glands, (organs which among other things help to sustain our energy levels), they also deplete our bodies of magnesium, B vitamins and Vitamin C, all nutrients which help to increase our energy levels. It’s understandable that many people are stressed this year, so please don’t give yourself a hard time about that, but realising that you’re stressed or anxious and using stress reduction techniques such as exercise and deep breathing can go a long way. Please seek help if you feel overwhelmed.

2) Inadequate sleep – sometimes you might think you’re getting enough sleep however if it’s not good quality sleep you’ll still feel tired in the morning. Some factors influencing sleep include your bedroom environment (temperature, lighting and air quality), hormones and how you breathe in your sleep. Getting sunlight exposure at the right time of day can help influence your circadian rhythm and help you nod off more easily at night time.

3) Low Iron and Vitamin B12 – are essential for the oxygen carrying capacity of our blood and therefore essential for energy. Many people have low levels of these nutrients due to reduced gut absorption, usually because of reduced digestive enzymes. Vitamin C is essential for iron absorption and in my experience people with low iron are often not consuming adequate vitamin C.

4) Underactive Thyroid – Many people have an underactive thyroid without realising it and a healthy thyroid is essential for good metabolism and good energy. Australian soils are deficient in some of the nutrients that the thyroid relies on, such as iodine and selenium and other nutrients that the thyroid needs, such as iron and zinc, are commonly low in the population. Your best bet is to test your thyroid if in doubt, please don’t take large amounts of iodine or selenium without consulting a professional.

Is there a one shoe fits all for improving energy?

There are really a lot of other reasons for low energy and it’s always best to consider the underlying causes. And yes, there are herbs are nutrients that are great for boosting energy in most people.

Magnesium and B vitamins, will support your adrenal glands, not only helping to reduce stress levels but increasing your energy levels. These can be combined in powder or taken separately in tablets, always after breakfast or lunch.

CoEnzyme Q10 is a nutrient that directly feeds the mitochondria, the little power houses within each of our cells. It also helps as a ‘healthy aging’ nutrient and in some studies has been shown to reduce wrinkles!

The ginsengs – Korean, Siberian, Indian and American ginsengs all have energy boosting properties and can be taken as liquid tinctures (most potent), powder or tablets. They ginsengs do vary in their properties and it’s best to talk with a naturopath/herbalist about which one would benefit you the most.

The super mushrooms are what I’m most excited about at the moment, as they are incredibly powerful. Cordyceps is an effective immune regulator and anti-inflammatory agent for increasing energy, Shitake improves stamina and circulation and Reishi is known at the immune builder for those with chronic disease and fatigue. Again, they’re available in liquid tincture form, powder and tablet.

Please get in touch if you would like to explore how to improve you energy 🙂